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Store and organize your business contacts, keep notes, and send SMS messages. Designed to be flexible, simple and fast.

Whether you're a startup, small business or organization, Contacts Manager is what you need to manage your contacts and communicate with them through SMS. Its flexible for storing custom information and staying organized. Manager
Great fit for schools, NGOs, startups, associations, loan and insurance agents, event organizers, and the like

Why use Contacts Manager?

Be more productive and organized

Keep all your contacts in one place. Organize your contacts into groups, tag them, keep notes and find any contact quickly. Get a much better experience compared to using a notebook or even Excel.

Work from anywhere, on any device

Can be used on any device ― on a smart phone, tablet or PC. You have access to all your contacts from anywhere at anytime to get work done. No need to have such handy information locked down on your office machine only.

Build a close relationship with your contacts

Its easy to send SMS messages to customers regularly and keep notes of the interactions. Sending urgent or important information to your contacts on their phones (including feature phones...yams) instantly by SMS is straightforward.

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