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Add, manage and publish your hotel room, conference space or serviced apartment on HaeDanPa.com ― our accommodation and space search platform for travellers.

Create a strong online presence without the cost and responsibility of building and maintaining an expensive website.

HaeDanPa.com Manager
Designed for hotels, guest houses, lodges and serviced apartment businesses.

Why use HaeDanPa.com Manager?

Promote your hotel business

The HaeDanPa.com platform enables you to promote your hotel rooms, conference space or serviced apartment to reach more guests online. HaeDanPa.com Manager is used to add, manage, publish your packages on HaeDanPa.com.

Saves you the cost building a website

Building a great website will cost you more than ₵3000 with additional monthly maintenance cost. With HaeDanPa.com, you have a platform to increase your hotel's online presence both locally and internationally ― even for small businesses.

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